Born in the Saddle – Extraordinary Mongolian Horsemen (Video)

We gallop across the Steppe with the extraordinary Mongolian horsemen who were ‘born in the saddle’. The horsemen attempt to catch foals and then wild mares for their milk. Lulana has got riding in his blood. His ancestor Genghis Khan used horse power to build an empire. But today his family faces another challenge.

They must use their horses’ speed and stamina to capture wild mares. Driving the wild herd back to the camp it is another day that will test their strength and stamina to the limit. The wild mares do not give up easily, they have to be tricked into it. His success will depend in total partnership with his horse. The boy, Lulana, says, “I feel alive when I ride my horse.” The way he rides the horse is so masterful, he stands up as if the horse’s legs were his own. It looks incredible. A real man is a real horseman. There is a whole lot of philosophy, deep tradition and rituals involved in these acts of horsemanship. He also claims, “A good chasing horse knows which one I am after and sticks close to its tail.” Lulana leans behind his horse using his strength and weight to resist the pull of the foal. He must balance to the gallop using only his knees. For more watch the video!

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