Blind Horse Competes In Mountain Trail – This Is What Trust Is All About

In this video, you will see a horse training at the mountain trail course to prepare for the national mountain trial championship that became the premiere, most challenging event.

Equines of all breeds and exhibitors originated from everywhere throughout the United States and Canada to go after the pined for titles of the OHC courses. This is Endo, really young horse that is training for his competition. At the beginning like every single horse, he was hesitating to do some things. The video description says that Endo is altogether improved from the response so they went to play. It’s been momentary since they needed to utilize the “down” voice signal. He was a little apprehensive about all the landscape changes yet he was such a decent eager kid!

Last day we could go to the mountain trail course at the horse center. Endo is all better from the reaction so we went to play. It's been awhile since we had to use the "down" voice cue. He was a little nervous about all the terrain changes but he was such a good willing boy for me!

Posted by Endo the Blind on Thursday, December 1, 2016

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