Becoming A Budweiser Clydesdale Horse, Training – Behind The Scenes (Video)

What you are going to watch is a collection of training and behind the scenes clips that were shot over the past 15 years while working with Budweiser and their Clydesdales. It’s amazing how serene and even happy these animals look in almost every shot. These horses are very lucky and get to do an amazing variety of exercises that stimulate their intelligence more than most of what the average horse gets anywhere else.

And this is very true because like any of us, they enjoy something to do. It shows that the training process behind teaching the horse to dance is actually love and painful for the horse but in the end it becomes joyful and they show happiness. It is like these horses are able to speak and communicate because they know perfectly what they are asked for. Those horses appreciate their lifestyle, just look at them, hard work, passion and you can feel they want this to happen! They are so absolutely beautiful creatures with an amazing trainer. We can call them gentle giants who are more than willing to please and to be pleased. This is also a good demonstration of how smart Clydes are. They are shown taking voice and clicker commands when the handler is meters away from them. So much emotions and creativity in the video. A must watch.