Baby Donkey Meets Baby Boy! (VIDEO)

When the baby donkey saw a baby boy, he went running to meet him. The donkey seems so happy that he goes right for the hug. It is like he knew he was meeting a baby and he is being so gentle.

Animals know more than we actually think they know. Animals know the language of love. You will always be in awe of how intelligent animals are and know exactly when to be extremely gentle with humans, especially babies. Animals continuously show us that all creatures can coexist. They are just adorable. In fact, both babies are gorgeous and you love the way the donkey scampers up to the boy. As always, it is delightful, short and sweet. Each of them was happy to meet the other, to meet a new friend. Maybe they are going to have lots of fun in the future and tales of the donkey and his human shall be told all around the world. Watch it!