Astonishing Performance Of Pignon And His Smart Horses!

In this video you are going to see magnificent performance from Jean-Francois Pignon and his horses.

Jean-François Pignon is one of the best show case performers ever, he makes the best of all shows with his horses and it is a must to watch.

Since 1993 Jean-François performs in remote nations, particularly Germany, where individuals adore his performance by freedom steeds. Jean-François is fortunate to find the opportunity to perform at the greatest occasions. He participates at the “Equitana” (the greatest show concerning stallions in Europe) five times. He performs in 15 unique nations and other settings among the accompanying urban areas: Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Barcelona, Sevilla, Oslo, London and so on.

In 2003 his gathering comprised of eight steeds. He cut the shows out particularly for them. Jean-François accomplishes the greatest of trust between stallion and men. Today he trains people all over the world and shows them his method of training horses, from Japan to Canada.

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