96-Year-Old Woman Is Still ADDICTED To Riding Horses!

​Dinnie Greenway adores riding steeds, and she’s not giving a seemingly insignificant detail that age is stopping her. The 96-year-old says horseback riding is a dependence that has propped her up to her entire life.

Scenic route figures she was on a steed before she could walk and even before that, as her mum rode sidesaddle while pregnant with her in 1920.
She said: “I have no idea how many horses I’ve ridden. I just keep riding them,” said the London, Ont., woman, sitting astride a tall chestnut horse in a dirt riding ring.
Scenic route says she feels at best in the seat and that is the thing that propels her to ride through the fields around the ranch her family has possessed since the mid-1800s, which is situated on the northernmost edge of London.
“As soon as my muscles get unstiffened, I shall do a lot more,” says Greenway who recently pulled a hip muscle, though not as a result of riding, but a slip in the house.

Meet Dinnie, she's 96 and still riding horses

This 96-year-old woman has been riding horses her whole life. http://www.cbc.ca/1.3810564

Posted by CBC Toronto on Friday, October 21, 2016

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