5 Heroic Horses Winning With Only One Eye

After finishing as a runner-up in 2013, Trevor Breen’s showjumper won the Hickstead Derby in 2014, becoming so very popular. Peculiar about the victory was the ‘one – eyed wonder horse’. It graced in winning by just 0.02s in the jump off, ahead of Phillip Miller and Caritiar Z., the winners of 2013.

The long-term infection that he had in his eye affected in the eye removal and it had no unfortunate effects. Trevor claims, “He’s got an enormous heart. He does everything I ask him to whether he can or not, and if he can’t, he’ll try anyway.”

Izzy Tailor rode the eventer around Blenheim, Burghley, Bramham, Barbury and more between 2008-2011. It was strange, though, because the eventer was only one-eyed. Briarlands Blackberry was the place where she got over the ride making no difference to the way she got involved in the competition. “Sat on top, you wouldn’t know he only had one eye,” she says. “The only time I suspected it affected him was at Bramham when, uncommonly for him, he had a run-out at a coffin with a slanting rail on his blind side.”

Suzzy Smith won five times in a competition even though her trained mare had a lost eye. This happened due to an accident on the gallops before her career even began. This all happened when she had to swerve in order to avoid a jogger who was coming in the opposite direction. She slipped and fell developing a fungal infection in her eye which led to the removal of the eye. She competed in the final race when she was only 10-year-old in the 2008 World Hurdle at Cheltenham before becoming a broodmare.

Swedish showjumper Malin Baryard-Johnsson’s stallion gets all the credits for competing and making a great appearance at CSI5 level before he retires from first class competition in January 2016. The horse had been struggling with a great concern in his right eye before further injuring it. He didn’t have a clear vision in the eye but in 2013 he damaged it while breeding and it couldn’t be saved. Malin said that ‘trust’ was the word for his obedience.

If we talk about persistence, desire and will, the dressage stallion by Sandro Hit comes to our minds. He scratched his eye in his stable in 2009 and treatment couldn’t save it, so it had the eye removed. This didn’t stop him competing at top level at all. He participated at the London Olympics in 2012 along with Mina Telde of Sweden, finishing fifth. The matching set won the grand prix and special at Hamburg CDI4 in May 2014.

  • Izzy Taylor, Briarlands Blackberry
  • Malin BARYARD-JOHNSSON (SWE) riding H&M Tornesch 1042 during the Longines FEI World Cup at Olympia on 21th December 2013
  • Left is HENDRE HOTSHOT, right is MATERIAL WORLD at Ascot 19-1-08. Photo Martin Lynch / Racingfotos.com THIS IMAGE IS SOURCED FROM AND MUST BE BYLINED "RACINGFOTOS.COM"
  • Minna Telde Santana
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